Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's New?

It is hot. We have been very busy. We have new baby rabbits. We have a beautiful female turkey named Tinkerbell. We have two baby turkeys in the brooder. We have 6 turkey eggs in the incubator. We are excited about Spring. Papaw is building a turkkey house. Eddie has built rabbit hutches. Life is new. I have painted wood and planned and planted in the garden. Papaw has planted most oof the garden. Eddie planted his garden. Plants are growing. There is still lots more to do.
Mike and I legal Texans: We have our drivers license to prove it. I am looking for a job to help pay bills. My Visiting Teaching companion has changed and so has my rooute. It will be fun to meet more people. I am slow remembering names and need all the help I can get. Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges and it will be an adventure!