Monday, July 27, 2009

We are getting ready to move to Texas. Mike will have his medical proceedures August 5, 2009. It should go smoothly. We are looking forward to moving and getting settled. We have chickens waiting for us.
We want to stay in contact with our wonderful family so I am starting this blog. Eventually, we will post pictures and so on. As we get ready for the move, I have been busy with my calling and with knitting. We have had lots of fun with the grandchildren and their parents.


  1. Wow I just got the invite. Here is the link to your chickens and garden again. I think the garden is lost, but you have something like 30 chickens running around.
    Love you enjoy,

  2. Mom did you figure it out? It looks decorated and it looks like you have sent out invites. Do you still need help?

  3. Erika helped me. It was fun! I still need to work on it. I have to work on pictures and all that stuff. So much to do and I get side tracked.

  4. Erika is a superstar. I know what you mean. Always so much to do.