Sunday, December 20, 2009

Church was very uplifting today. It was so full and the overflow was full, too. There quite a few families who have moved into the ward. The babies in the ward are adorable.

We now have 50 baby quail in the brooder, 5 adult female, and 1 adult male quail in a cage in Cheri's home, on the wood stove. Of course, the wood stove in not on. The baby quail have been handled by people so they are calm while I pet them. Their brooder is in the glass green house so they don't freeze. It will be below 30 degrees tonight.

Cheri and I have joined a family gym that has two inside, heated pools and one outside pool. They have other fitness things there. We start tomorrow and we are ecstatic. Cheri feels no pain when she is in the pool and it will be some exercise for her. I am looking forward to swimming myself. I am way out of shape so I expect it will take me a while to be a good swimmer again.


  1. Yeah! I'm so glad you guys get to work out together. It makes it a little more fun sometimes. Love you!

  2. sweet! good for u for getting in the pool. i wish i had the time to swim. good luck and have fun!